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State standarts

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ГОСТ 1051-73: Gauged bars. General specifications

ГОСТ 4543-71: Structural alloy steel bars. Specifications

ГОСТ 1435-99: Bars, strips and reels of tool unalloyed steel. General specifications

ГОСТ 5950-2000: Tool alloy steel bars, strips and coils. General specifications

ГОСТ 14959-79: Spring carbon and alloy steel bars. Specifications

ГОСТ 5632-72: High-alloy steels and corrosion-proof, heat-resisting and heat treated alloys. Grades

ГОСТ 5949-75: Sorted and gauged corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and high-temperature steel. Specifications

ГОСТ 2590-88: Round steel bars. Dimensions

ГОСТ 2591-88: Square hot-rolled steel bars. Dimensions

ГОСТ 1133-71: Forged round and square steel. Dimensions

ГОСТ 103-76: Hot-rolled steel strip. Dimensions

ГОСТ 4405-75: Hot-rolled and wrought tool steel strips. Dimensions

ГОСТ 7417-75: Calibrated round steel. Dimensions

ГОСТ 8559-75: Calibrated square steel. Dimensions

ГОСТ 8560-78: Calibrated hexahedronal rolled-stock. Dimensions

ГОСТ 19903-74: Hot-rolled steel sheets. Dimensions

ГОСТ 16523-97: Rolled sheets from quality and ordinary carbon steel for general purposes. Specifications

ГОСТ 7350-77: Plate steel, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and high-temperature. Specifications

ГОСТ 5582-75: Stainless and heat-resisting sheet. Specifications

ГОСТ 19281-89: Rolled steel with increased strength. General specifications